Chasing Death - Foreword
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by Angela Hickman

What an honour to write the foreword to something of such magnitude, and yet how does one find the words? As you read this book, you will likely understand the feeling that I have of wanting to dispense with words and search for a more meaningful vehicle through which to convey thoughts and feelings.

Fate intertwined the worlds of myself and Jan at a perfect moment and I recognised a soul sister, a connection that transcends our physical world; a connection through which I am truly blessed to be able to meet with both the energies of Jan and Kristian. 
I will not add my comments about the book, as I believe it shall speak very differently to each soul who reads it. Suffice to say, it stands as an embodiment of love that needs no introduction. 

It is the future pathways of which I can underscore a solid feeling that so many souls will be thrown some hope and some light by the work of Jan and her beautiful son, Kristian. Together, they are and will continue to be angels, working for others so that their paths may be a little easier to bear: Jan in this world and Kristian so close by her side in the next.

To those who flounder like me when faced with the desire to show support, but do not know how in such devastating circumstances, I can only offer the advice to open your heart. Our energetic links to each other, our brothers and sisters on earth and beyond, offer much untapped knowledge – a divine and instinctive soul knowing of what to do - and power. And the greatest power of all, is the power of love.

Words from the other side:

To Mum,
In strength, you feel my hand on your shoulder,
In sadness, you feel what might have been,
In joy, you feel my love surround you
In despair, I know you wish I was there.

In the past, you remember with fondness and pain
In the present, you live with me again
Though I may not be able to kiss your cheek
I blow them into your heart through the air that you breathe

Every second I love you and will you to smile
As you remember our lives together for a while
In the future I shall walk forever by your side
As we climb the mountains and push back the tide.
- Kristian Mikhail Andersen

Another candle lit my world the day I found you, Jan.

With love

Image ©Jan Andersen 2013, Norway
Chasing Death: 
Losing a Child to Suicide

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Publisher: Perfect Publishers Ltd
Pages: 488

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